Year 1 - Honey Pots

Welcome to Honey Pots!

Firstly, we will be getting to know one another and have lots of opportunities to show our learning through play. This will help me to identify any gaps and tailor the Year 1 National Curriculum to meet their individual needs, we will aim for all children to be FRESH (Fascinated, rounded, Eager to make a difference. Spiritual and Highly Aspirational).  When the children are settled and familiar with the routines in Year 1, we will begin more structured sessions and to engage and fascinate children’s love for learning, we will be reading a variety of texts (fiction, non-fiction and poetry) to support and enhance our topic learning.

Our topic for the Autumn Term is ‘Let’s go on an adventure’ linking to our History unit called Explorers. We will be looking at the different voyages of various story characters like Traction Man and Paddington Bear and following them on their travels. We will also be looking at real life explorers and their expeditions on land, sea and space.  This takes us onto our Spring Term topic called “A Toy Story” where we are looking particularly about toys from the past and comparing them to our current toys. We will link our topic within our English lessons and other aspects of the curriculum.  In the Spring Term our topic is called “Sand, Sea and Sun” where we are learning key features of a sunflower and how best to help them grow. We are learning how to keep ourselves safe in the sun in our “Wonderful Weather” in Science and going on a journey to Grandad’s Island in English where we will have lots of opportunities for role play and writing our own non-chronological reports.

Throughout the year in daily maths sessions, we will be developing the children's confidence and mental fluency with whole numbers, counting and place value. We will also be learning how to recognise, describe, compare and sort different shapes and solve problems involving length, mass, capacity/volume, time and money. The children will have access to a range of manipulatives (e.g. Numicon, counting objects, bead strings) to help them explain why and how answers have been worked out. We will use concrete, pictorial then abstract examples to develop the children's understanding of key mathematical concepts. We will encourage the children to have high aspirations of themselves and challenge themselves across all aspects of the curriculum.

The children will have daily RWI (Read Write Inc.) phonics sessions where they will continue to develop their phonic knowledge and practise segmenting and blending sounds together. Daily opportunities for reading and writing will take place in school and you can support your child at home by listening to them read so they have a chance to win “Reader of the Week”. In addition to this we will prepare the children for the Year 1 Phonics Screening in the summer term.

Across the year we are going to be seizing as many opportunities as we can to learn outdoors to develop our knowledge. In our newly designed outdoor area we have an ‘Observation Station’ where we have opportunities for mini-beat hunts and putting unfamiliar objects under the microscope. Capturing our love for learning through outdoor teaching will result in us becoming more rounded learners. A little drop of rain will not stop us from our outdoor learning so remember your raincoat and wellies!

We have an exciting year ahead of us and I can’t wait to get started!

Miss Bovington