Writing, Reading and Phonics at Hawridge and Cholesbury


At Hawridge & Cholesbury CE School, we believe that the key skills and knowledge of English are key to our children being FRESH (fascinated, rounded, eager to make a difference, spiritual and highly aspirational ); they complement all areas of the curriculum, contribute to the social, emotional and education development of each child and are an essential means by which our children will flourish

We are committed to ensuring our children acquire, in abundance, the knowledge and skills to confidently and fluently communicate their ideas and emotions with others through listening, speech, writing or reading.   Through every key stage and year group, we aim for children to develop a wide vocabulary, write in a range of different genres and continuously develop their spelling, grammar and punctuation skills. As well as this, we want our children to confidently understand the spoken word, use expression and participate as a member of society by speaking fluently and articulately.