Through our Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) we aim to give children the knowledge, skills, strategies and attributes to make informed choices about the different opportunities and challenges that life presents. At Hawridge and Cholesbury CE School, in PSHE, children learn about relationships, health and wellbeing.  They learn age-appropriate ways to keep safe on and offline, about living in the wider world and financial education i.e.  knowing that they will need some money to help them achieve some of their dreams and goals.

Providing a high quality PSHE curriculum gives pupils opportunities to explore issues that are real and relevant to them in their daily lives in a safe and managed environment, enabling them to flourish in order to live a full and abundant life. 

At Hawridge and Cholesbury CE School, all year groups follow the Jigsaw scheme delivering consistency and progression in our high quality PSHE curriculum.  

Our core values of Teamwork, Respect, Honesty, Understanding and Responsibility are inextricably linked with our PSHE curriculum, where children are taught the reasons behind and the benefits of living these values in their everyday lives. 

 Our vision is for every child within the Hawridge & Cholesbury family to grow, flourish, ‘have life and ….have it more abundantly’ (John 10:10 KLV). Our PSHE curriculum provides our children with the knowledge and understanding to develop into rounded individuals, who have high aspirations and are eager to make a difference.   It also helps them to keep in touch with their spiritual side by teaching them the skills to take a few moments of ‘calm’ during each PSHE lesson, to be mindful and calm in their bodies and minds.

At Hawridge and Cholesbury C of E school we believe that the personal, social and health development of each child has a significant impact on their ability to learn. Our PSHE curriculum prepares children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life, including the importance of outdoor learning and how to look after the environment. 

Children are taught to reflect on the impact emotions have on their lives and to regulate their own emotions. We teach our children how to keep their bodies and minds healthy including looking after their mental wellbeing. Children are taught who they can speak to if they need help or feel unsafe.  

For further information on Jigsaw and an overview of the programme please see the Jigsaw parents' information leaflet and progression document.