Year 4 - Holly Crofts

Welcome to Holly Crofts

In Year 4 we have an amazing action-packed year ahead. Our year starts with a History Topic on the Romans, where we will be fascinated by some of the amazing things the Romans achieved. Our next stop will be Ancient Egypt where will learn some of the most memorable facts about Mummification, alongside spiritual moments to support historical rituals. Then our final stop will be a Geography Topic on the Rainforest, where we will be working on becoming rounded and eager to make a difference when we are looking at climate and sustainability.

This year continues to provide a wealth of opportunities in English. The children have already set themselves high aspirations about the goal of working to achieve a pen licence! This requires consistent neat and joined up writing. In English, the aim is to strengthen the reading ability of the children as they read their individual texts and as they work as a class with new books in guided reading. In Year 4 a love of reading is growing, in turn helping them create more detailed written work. They will learn to use paragraphs, dialogue, fronted adverbials and continue developing their spelling, punctuation and grammar too.

Maths will see Year 4 look at 4-digit numbers and be able to confidently recognise and answer questions using these higher numbers. There will be a continued focus on the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There will be an increased focus on our times tables this year with the children to become effective with any times table up to 12 x 12. With a multiplication check in Summer 1.

Our aim is to create a varied, fascinating and rounded curriculum in Year 4 this year. We will do this in class, out in our beautiful surroundings and, as and when we are able to go, on school trips. This year promises to be fun and packed with learning opportunities….are you ready? Let’s go!

Miss Thorp