Design and Technology plays an undeniably important role in our daily lives and in the future. Humans are a species designed for tool-making and technologies define our lives. Today, every aspect of our lives involves items designed and created to aid us in performing tasks or make them quicker, easier and more convenient. Even as you read this, new inventions are being created which will help to shape the way we live in the future. 

It is our aim at Hawridge and Cholesbury C of E School for our children to be fascinated in the vital and exciting role Design and Technology plays in the lives of everyone across the world and to teach them the skills to design, make and evaluate. Teachers carefully plan projects to link with cross curricular topics which are highly aspirational and foster a yearning to make a difference in the ever-changing world we all belong in. 

Our FRESH curriculum and spectacular surroundings are central to our DT curriculum.  The natural world is an inspiration for our children’s design ideas just as it has been for inventors over the centuries . Did you know that Swiss engineer, Georges de Mestrel developed Velcro in 1941 after he observed how cockleburs caught on his clothing and his dog’s fur during a walk in the mountains? More recently, neonatal surgical tape has been developed, modelled on the structure of spiders webs! 

When involved in collaborative or individual projects, children are taught to respect each other and the world, using natural materials in our inventions and always considering environmental impacts including sustainability.  They listen to each other’s ideas, demonstrating respect and understanding throughout the Design, Make and Evaluate stages of their tasks.