Our School Values were chosen as a result of consultation with all stakeholders. Our six core values are:

  •           Respect
  •           Teamwork
  •           Responsibility
  •           Understanding
  •           Peace
  •           Honesty

These values are well established in our day to day practice and reflect the ethos of the school. In addition to these values, British Values are embedded in the culture of the school and throughout all teaching and learning.

Democracy   The school council class representatives are elected annually by their peers. Members of the council meet with members of the SLT team regularly to give pupils a chance for their voices to be heard and ideas acted upon.

House captains are elected from Year 6 by all pupils each September and these six pupils take their responsibility very seriously. They organise House competitions, choose the nominated charity for the school to support and run fundraising events.  

In addition to this, Y6 school prefects are appointed (following an application and interview process) to encourage all pupils to follow school rules and to focus on identifying positive behaviour around the school, especially at lunchtime.

Rule of Law  Golden rules are displayed in each classroom and all pupils know that these need to be followed. Pupils are aware of the consequences should rules be broken. Class rules are agreed and established early in the Autumn term: their consistent application by all staff members ensures a positive learning environment for pupils. Many classes also have an agreed class charter of rights and responsibilities.

Once a year local magistrates visit the school to talk to the Upper KS2 pupils about the British justice system which links well with historical learning about crime and punishment.

Individual Liberty  Pupil voice is vital to our ethos.  Pupils are given many opportunities during the learning process to express their thoughts and feelings both through discussion and in written work. Philosophy for children is being embedded across the whole school and this has led to an increase in pupils’ ability to express their thoughts and ideas with confidence.

Subject leaders carry out pupil voice interviews periodically and these sometimes result in a change to current practice. 

Mutual Respect   The pupils’ respect for each other and all adults that work or visit our school is evident in the way the children conduct themselves both during lessons and the two break times.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs  By learning about and from other faiths in Religious Education and Collective Worship and by visiting different places of worship during their time at Hawridge and Cholesbury C of E School, pupils gain a good understanding and respect of the various communities that constitute Modern Britain.  They are taught to recognise, celebrate and value both similarities and differences between religions.

Our policy on equality ensures that discrimination on any grounds is not tolerated. A strong anti – bullying message is instilled in the pupils which leads to a clear understanding of what behaviours are and are not acceptable.