The Hawridge & Cholesbury Curriculum

Our curriculum creates opportunities for our children to be Fascinated, Rounded, Eager to make a difference, Spiritual and to Have high aspirations (FRESH).

 Our curriculum aims are:

  • for our children to be fascinated by and develop a respect for God’s world in all its forms through a curriculum entwined with nature.  The outdoor environment, natural objects, nature themed poetry, texts and other media are used as stimuli from which deep thinking and questioning emerges. 
  • for our children to become rounded individuals. Our Hawridge and Cholesbury family will guide them in building positive relationships, in having confidence and self-awareness and in showing respect and understanding of others. Our children will become skilled, capable and knowledgeable across a wide range of interlinked areas, through outdoor, extra-curricular and active experiences, our worship and our deep and broad curriculum.
  • for our children to be eager to make a difference in the world with a strong sense of responsibility to becoming proactive citizens. Through our focus on teamwork, close links with the church and community, and by supporting national and worldwide projects we empower our children to understand how they can make a positive contribution to society including looking after the natural world. 
  • for our children to think deeply about the world, taking time to recognise and appreciate the small and the large moments. Through spiritual experiences, children have a real sense of peace and awe and wonder in God’s natural world, whether that is watching a spider spin its web or marvelling at ‘fogbow’ in the sky.  
  • for our children to have high aspirations; to strive to achieve their best and to know what that best can be! All our children will have an equal opportunity to live honestly, learn and succeed. Our curriculum, along with many other experiences and opportunities, will develop our children’s cultural capital and empower them to be ambitious and adventurous about their future pathway. 
All staff are involved in personalising the Hawridge & Cholesbury C of E School curriculum. We continually look at it with fresh eyes, ensuring we are always driving forwards and improving the outcomes for all children.