A pupil at our school knows and understands how to use and interact with others in a safe and positive way online. In addition, they use computational thinking and creativity to understand and communicate with the world.

The aim of the Computing curriculum at Hawridge & Cholesbury School is to create opportunities for children to grow and flourish, be 'FRESH' (see curriculum page) and raise children’s aspirations. The curriculum recognises, acknowledges and celebrates the children’s various starting points and provide opportunities to broaden and enrich their horizons; all children are given the opportunity to grow and develop as computing students.

The Computing curriculum focuses on growing and deepening the knowledge, development and application of skills. Children are exposed to challenging concepts and explore a range of values and attitudes. Within the curriculum, the progression of skills builds year by year on the subject knowledge of each pupil and ensures a deeper understanding of what it is to be a ‘computing learner’.

Connections and links within and across the computing curriculum are made to promote and support learning. The curriculum develops children by building inquisitive minds and by providing them with opportunities to reflect critically, both on their learning and on the tools accessible to them in the wider world, thus enabling them to 'have life and have it more abundantly'.

Across the rest of the school curriculum, Computing is used to enhance learning wherever possible, broadening their skills and their application, enabling them to grow and flourish.