Year 4 - Holly Crofts

Welcome to Holly Crofts, I am very excited about the year ahead and look forward to having lots of fun as we learn, explore, question and discover things together. Being new to the school, I am keen to get out and explore our wonderful grounds that surround us and the neighbouring countryside and I hope that we can use it as much as possible and in all weather. It might be a good idea for your child to have an old pair of wellies, some spare socks and a waterproof in school as we will try to get out over the common as often as we can.

Our learning this year will be based on the following topics; Romans (Autumn), Brazil, (Spring) and Ancient Egyptians (Summer). Most of our learning will draw upon these topics especially English, Art, DT, and Music. We will continue to explore Christianity through our RE lessons with our second religion being Hinduism. The children will continue to receive PE from a specialist once a week. 

Throughout the autumn term our English focus will be on ‘How to Train Your Dragon’; we will then focus on information texts and recounts and then back to poetry. Maths will be largely based on number and the four operations as well place value, Roman numerals and area.  Our science learning will be based on Animals including Humans followed by Living Things and their Habitats in the second half of term.

Our spring topic will be a comparative study, looking at the human and physical geography of our local area, with Brazil. Identifying the similarities and differences of climate, biomes, land use, trade links and the distribution of natural resources. Our English will begin with the study of ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl. We will also be focusing on persuasive writing, poetry and stories from other cultures. In maths, we will be furthering our knowledge on fractions, time, decimals and money.

During summer term, we will be creating portraits and silhouettes, making mummies and tombs, producing paper and making scrolls and canopic jars in art and design. The maths focus will be measurement, angles, shape and symmetry, position and direction and statistics.

I look forward to a fun filled year with lots of learning!

Mrs Walker