Reception - Windmills

Welcome to Windmills class!

We are really excited to begin this journey of school with our Windmill class. We have lots of exciting times ahead starting with our first topic ‘All about me’.

This is where the children will begin to share and understand their home lives, school lives and community that surrounds them. This will hopefully build their confidence and create an environment where all children can feel comfortable and celebrate who they are. We will also encompass all about our bodies within this topic and learn about our senses, body parts and how to lead a healthy life. The children will learn about how children go to school in other parts of the world to build upon their understanding of the different cultures and countries.

Within literacy, we will begin our ‘Fred’s phonics’ learning where the children learn rhymes and follow a programme of learning that will be fun and memorable to follow. There will be lots of fine motor activities for the children to start building their finger muscles that will help them begin to write. We will also put a large emphasis on books and will have a weekly focus book connected to our topic which will be threaded through the rest of our daily activities.

In mathematics we want to ensure that the children are very secure with exploring number and what that truly means. We will look at numbers in various ways including number recognition, formation, the value of number, doubling and halving and the list goes on… As well as other areas of learning such as 2D shapes and recognising them in our environment.

We will ensure Windmills have as much outdoor learning as possible through planned for activities outside that cover their seven areas of learning within the early years curriculum.  There will also be regular ‘Welly walks’ and ‘Forest school’ where the children will get the freedom to explore and play safely in the beautiful surroundings around us!

We are so looking forward to this journey with Windmills and can not wait for what exciting learning opportunities come up along the way!

Miss Trevathan