Reception - Windmills

Hello to all my new Windmills and their parents.

My name is Mrs Wale and I joined the school in September and am really enjoying teaching your children and settling them in to school life.

Starting school is such an exciting time and a real milestone in the children’s lives. The classroom, outdoor areas and school grounds provide many exciting play opportunities to support your children on their learning journey. Throughout the curriculum this year we are encouraging the children to play and explore, engage in active learning and be creative and think critically. Children love solving problems and we will use stories and different scenarios to enable the children to explore different ways of doing things and come up with their own solutions. Mindfulness, circle time and show and tell will be important opportunities to listen, learn how to share our emotions and talk to a group.

In Reception we are really keen to follow the children’s own interests and incorporate these into the curriculum as when children lead their own learning they show greater engagement. We will also have topics as starting points to ensure that we cover all areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum

In the Autumn Term the topic will be ‘This is Me’. We will be exploring ourselves, our families and our homes through a range of stories. We will look at what makes us special and create pictures of our faces in different ways. Exploring festivals and the way different families celebrate will help us find out about different religions, foods and traditions. The seasons are also important to us and we will be looking at Autumn and Winter changes and enjoying ‘Welly Walks’ in our beautiful school grounds. Lastly we will prepare songs and dances for our first school play!

In the Spring Term our topic will be ‘Fly high and Explore’. We will learn about space and different ways of travelling in the sky using both fiction and non-fiction books. We will find out about inventions and their inventors and how our brains are fantastic and can do so many things. We will be inventors too! We will continue to explore Winter changes and the beginnings of Spring. We are really looking forward to our bulbs turning into flowers and appearing this term!

In the Summer term the topic will be ‘Out, out and About’. We will find out about places that are different to our home and our school, learn about journeys and different kinds of transport. We will make maps to show the journeys we have been on. We will find out about lives of children in different countries and read stories. All year we will learn about phonics, this term we will make our own books and stories and get ready for being in Year 1.

What a busy year ahead!

Looking forward to sharing it with you.

Mrs Wale