Year 3 - Folly Fields

Welcome to an exciting year at folly fields class! We are going to have lots of fun learning in different ways and making the most of our outdoor environment.

Our learning will be based on different topics each term. Autumn term will be based around The Ancient Greeks, Spring will be Europe and in the Summer term we will focus on Stone Age to Iron Age. We will be exploring these topics in a variety of ways through English, Art, Science and Music.

In English we will be looking at a variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction so there will be something for everyone! We will be focusing on building the children’s love for reading as well as giving the children the skills to achieve a high standard in their writing. In Maths we will be continuing using maths mastery and a variety of practical resources to make Maths engaging and achievable for all. We aim to make Science full of experiments and memorable lessons. The topics this year will be Rocks and Soils, Plants, Animals and Humans, Forces, Magnets and Light.

Make sure you ask your child what they learnt this week!