Year 3 - Folly Fields

Hello and welcome to year 3, also known as Folly Fields. My name is Mrs Gale and I am the class teacher. Mrs Ditta will also be joining us some afternoons and she will be supporting small groups of children with their learning.
The transition from KS1 to KS2 can seem quite daunting at times as the children learn to become more independent and resilient as they are expected to take on more responsibilities for their own learning. But don't panic! We will be there to support them by providing a safe and loving environment in which mistakes can be made free from criticism as the children are encouraged to learn and grow from them. 
We have an exciting year ahead - starting in the Autumn term learning what life was like for Stone Age and Iron Age people. Looking at the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. The children will have the opportunity to spend the day as an Iron Age Farmer and see their learning come to life. Alongside this we will be looking at rocks and fossils in Science.
In the Spring Term our focus will be on a European country and comparing life to our own. We will be studying skeletons in science and visiting the Natural History Museum in Tring to handle and investigate a range of skeletons from different animals, comparing and contrasting them with our own.
We will finish in the Summer Term by transporting ourselves back to Ancient Greece. We will look at the inventions that changed our lives today, discover their religious beliefs, taste some Greek recipes and in English study some Greek Myths.
This is of course only a glimpse of all the fabulous things we have in store for your children and hope that you will engage with us for the adventure we have ahead.
I am very excited about working with your children and getting to know them all.
Here's to a great year!
Mrs Gale