Year 2 - Little Peppers

Welcome to Little Peppers!

We are excited about the year ahead. Our passion is to help each child reach their potential and thoroughly enjoy their learning.  As much as possible we like to go outside to enrich and enhance the Year 2 curriculum.    For this reason can we ask that each child has an old pair of wellies they keep at school and that they have a long sleeved jacket or top they can wear, for their own comfort, when we traipse over to the common or utilise the fantastic school grounds. 

Our first topic this term is The Great Fire of London.  This will primarily be a history topic, which will include making bread, modelling 17th century houses as well as writing diaries and letters.  We will also use this opportunity to learn about keeping ourselves safe from fire in today’s world and how this differs from the events in 1666.  This will neatly tie in with looking at everyday materials as our science topic. 

In spring term, the Lords, Ladies, Knights and musicians of Little Peppers will embark on a medieval journey.  We will learn about the different roles of rich and poor and find out why there was a peasant revolt.  We hope to visit a castle in March to develop our learning of this era. Our science learning will focus on lifecycles and we hope to be able to watch a complete lifecycle of one or two animals within our very classroom.

In the summer time, Little Peppers will be taking a trip ‘Around the World’; dropping in on a different country on each continent, exploring their features, people and landmarks.  Our science focus will be plants; we will try out growing our own fruit and vegetables as well as learning about how wild plants and trees provide habitats. As part of this topic we hope to visit College Lake in Tring to take part in their varied habitats workshop.

We love to welcome visitors into our class and hope to see you regularly on Friday mornings for our weekly read-in. 

Mrs White, Mrs Montesinos and Mrs Rees