Year 2 - Little Peppers

Welcome to Little Peppers!

I am so excited to be teaching Year 2 this year for a hopefully more normal year. I am looking forward to learning even more about the children and their interests and can’t wait to share with them all of the exciting things I have planned for the year. This year our class will be supported by Mrs Williams and Miss Shaw. Mrs Woodward will be with the class on a Tuesday.

We understand that the children have not had the easiest start to their education but I am so proud of the way they have dealt with each and every situation, my aim for the first few weeks is to slowly settle in to a routine with a focus on wellbeing whilst introducing the Year 2 national curriculum to their learning whilst identifying and looking at ways to support any gaps.

Our first topic this term is The Great Fire of London. This will primarily be a history topic, which will include making bread, modelling 17th century houses as well as writing diaries and letters. We will also use this opportunity to learn about keeping ourselves safe from fire in today’s world and how this differs from the events in 1666. These ideas complement our Science work investigating everyday materials and their properties.

In the spring term we will be using the middle ages as our theme this term, children will learn about the history of medieval castles and the Normans, where castles were built, who lived in castles and the structure of castles. They will also learn about the people of the middle ages: rich and poor.

For our final topic we will be taking a tour ‘around the world’, visiting the seven continents of the world. We will be exploring a different country in each continent, specifically looking at its people, landmarks and cultures. As part of this topic we will also be taking a trip to College Lake in Tring to take part in their habitat workshops.

Throughout the year in our Math’s lessons, we will be developing the children’s confidence with number and place value as well as problem solving through addition and subtraction as well as multiplication and division. We will also learn to recognise and use fractions, choose and use appropriate units to estimate and measure length and height, know how to tell the time, recognise and use coins and identify properties of shapes.

We will be continuing to promote high standards of literacy and language, and will be encouraging the children to read a wide variety of books and texts often as well as being able to understand and explain what they have read.

I look forward to a fun filled year where I can hopefully welcome you into our classroom more this year!

Miss Jeanes